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"One of our top locations, a skating rink, brings in $600 cash a month! I never dreamed we would have so much success. This has really been a great investment!" C.Braunstein - San Diego, Ca

"..Although I was sold on the quality before I saw it 'in the flesh', I was very impressed, and I can't see anyone disputing the quality side of it. It is very well made and constructed from superb materials. I can see it lasting for years in a good position and cared for. Geoff is an elder statesman of the amusement industry here and he is pleasantly impressed." R. Thomsitt - UKsportszone vending machine

"..I just love my machine. First the kids (and grownups) love it. It's unique and I have people coming in the store all the time just to play it. Secondly, it gives me a continuous supply of quarters which I always need for the business and cuts down the number of trips I make to the bank! Lastly, I run a small, profitable business and the SportsZone has consistently made money from the first day I put it up." Lucy K. - Colts Neck, NJ

"I have developed a route of more than 25 machines; all making more than $7 a day. My top location, a Denny's Restaurant, makes almost $25 a day!" B. Johnson - Idaho Falls, ID

"The SportsZon makes between $400 - $500 a month in our bowling center. This is the most profitable footage space I own!" P. Vanorkel - Wagoner, SD

"I manage a pizza restaurant and I average $150 a week. You have to see it to beleive it!" T. Grace - Dallas, TX

"We have located our SportsZones in high traffic retail businesses and have experienced phenomenal success! I would recommend the Sports Zone to anyone who wants to make more money!" A. Hatch - Iona, ID