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The SportsZone Interactive Gumball Vending Machine

SportsZone Home Playing Fields

Machine Specifications & Warrenty

We use only the most durable and effiecient parts when we build your SportsZone Interactive Vending Machine. In fact, we're so confident of it's durability that every Sportszone comes with a Lifetime warrenty to the original purchaser. We stand behind every single part. If your SportsZone vending machine ever fails, we will replace the necessary parts at no cost to you.

16-18 gu steel

Canister Head:
The canister head is manufactured using 16 and 18 guage steel with quality powder coating finishes. Food grade paints and materials are once again used where product contact occurs. The quick release canister head can be removed without tools in about 10 seconds, once the high security lid is unlocked and removed. With the head removed you have access to the playing fields, flipers, base unit, target assembly, coin mech and slide bar linkage. Now you can clean and service the entire machine quickly and easily.

Capacity: 1700 850ct gumballs, superballs, jawbreakers, marbles (without optional inventory extension display)
rock solid product display unitThe canister lock is keyed differently than the lock on the money drawer. Product can be added by your participating merchant or servicing employee without access to the money box. This again limits the service.

iron tough, trouble free target assembly

Target Assembly:
The target assembly is one of teh keys to the success of the SportsZone. It has been designed to release a free product each time the target arm is struck with sufficient force. However, only ONE free product is ever dispensed per quarter. The idea of a skill based interactive game is powerful. Winning a prize especially stimulates repeat play. The target assembly is manufactured using 16 guage steel and glass filled nylon plastics.
Base Unit:
The base unit for the SportsZone is manufactured using 16 and 18 guage steel. The latest in comuterized sheet metal fabrication techniques have been used to insure fit, strength and durability. Quality powder-coating is applied to all sheet metal parts to guarantee tough, rust free surfaces. Food grade paints and materials are always used where product contact occurs.
solid steel coin box The money box/drawer is unique in many ways. It is completely hidden from public view. The coin box appears when the lock is turned on the opposite side of the machine. The coin box holds approximately $1000 in coins.
Beaver Coin Mech:
To anyone in the vending business, just to say "Beaver" is enough said. This is the most reliable and simplest coin mechanisms in the industry. The drop-through coin mech accepts only quarters and allows pennies, nickels, and dimes to pass through without jamming the machine. Beaver has the coin mechanisms that will satisfy most foreign coins.
beaver coin mech

flawless, trouble free all mechanical flippers

Flipper Assembly:
The right and left flipper assemblies are mechanical and modular, requiring no electri ity. They have been tested thousands of times to insure proper performace for many years. If a falure does occure, they can be replaced in less that 3 minutes.