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101 Vending is committed to helping the average investor start and grow his or her own vending business.  While many other companies are out there painting some “blue sky opportunity”, we are providing sound counsel based on our company’s experience as a locally owned and operated vending business, as well as the experience and feedback from starting hundreds of others in their own business.

Remember the three “Q” ‘s:

  1. Buy a Quality vending machine….
  2. At a Quality price…
  3. Place it on a Quality vending location…

And you’ll have a quality business.

The first step is to determine which vending business gives you the best return on your money while taking the least amount of time.  You want a good balance.  Here’s what I mean.  Let’s say you find a business that generates a great amount of money but takes a great deal of work.  Well, anybody can make a lot of money.  What good is the money if you don’t have the time to spend it?  On the other hand, you may find a business that takes four or more years to earn your money back but little to no time at all.  An example of this might be investment securities, the stock market etc.  That’s a great way to leverage your time but with slow results, not to mention high risks. Vending machines which have a great capacity of gumball, bulk candy, snacks and toys allow you to pick up a large amount of money. Simply wait until you visit the vending machine.

There are many types of vending businesses that produce a healthy return on your money, however some are very labor intensive.  A perfect example of this would be the snack and drink business.  The snack and drink business is a great business.  However, regardless of how good your locations are, there is just too much work involved to make it worth my time and effort.  Picking up $200.00 at a location that has a snack and drink machine will take 1 to 1 ½ hours including drive time.  After your 50% food cost, that’s not leaving much to pay the rest of your expenses.

Let’s contrast this with another vending business.  Let’s say you own one giant gumball machine.  The machine holds 3500 gumballs.  Once that machine sells out, it will have $875 in it. Don’t go to it until it has sold 80% of the product.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a good location or a bad location.  Understand, this is just an example.  How long it takes for a machine to sell out depends on the amount of customer traffic in the locatoins. Under normal circumstances, you should be able ot service 3 stops per hour. Do the math. Now, that's worth your time! By the way, gumballs cost around 2 cents and cell for 25 cents. Pretty goog, huh?

Now, I used two examples that are extreme opposites just to make a point.  Some vending businesses are simply a much better use of your time than others.  Although we sell all types of vending machines, as you’ll see at our catalog page, we will only operate bulk candy, gumball and similar type vending machines that have large capacities, are easy to service and are extremely impressive to the location on which we call.  The fact is, the profit margins are much higher since the food cost is 50% less than snack and drinks, the capacities of the machines are much greater if you operate the machines we suggest, and the method of service is much more efficient.  Hey, we don’t plop in one gumball at a time like you would a coke, candy bar or potato chip.  Grab 500 quarters.  Lift the lid and poor.

Let’s look at the most important issues in vending, location, location, and location.  The fact is the market in the U.S. is fairly saturated with machines.  If a location allows machines, they probably have them.  If a location doesn’t have machines, they probably don’t allow them.  The question you need to ask yourself is, “why in the world would they let me in the location?”, especially if they have vending machines already.  The answer is “if you don’t show them an impressive vending machine, they probably won’t let you in the door”.  This is why we only operate impressive machines on our local vending route.  Here’s what we’re talking about:

The most impressive vending machine in the world is the Spinning Spacesaver.  This merchandiser comes in two different models.  The 4-Spin and the 8-Spin Titanic.  Their names reflect the amount of selections offered to your customer.  No other single merchandiser offers this many selections of bulk candy, gumball, mints, toys and gum while standing a mere 10 inches wide.  Wow!  A location may have a single, double and a triple selection bulk candy vending machine and still not offer as many selections as the 8-Spin Titanic.  The three machines may stand 4 feet wide while the 8-Spin Titanic stands only 10 inches wide. 

What would your rather say when calling on a local restaurant that has a few bulk candy vending machines?

“Pardon me, but I don’t suppose you’d want another two or three selection bulk candy vending machine to help add more clutter to your locations, would you? -(sarcasm)


“Hello.  We provide after-dinner candy services to many restaurants in town with a vending machine that is offers 8 selections of candies, mints, chocolates, toys and more, but stands only 10 inches wide. I’d like to get your opinion on it.  Let me bring it in and tell me what you think about it.” (As you show them a customized color brochure which we can design for you)

The purpose of this Consultation page is simply to help you think about the topics that are most important in order that you may be more qualified to make the right choices.  Most people don’t know what questions to ask let alone which business to start or which vending machines to buy. We’re here to help you with every part of starting your vending business.

Check out our catalog and call us with all your questions.  By the way, you have a standing invitation to come check us out.  We’ll provide some hands on training, show you the types of locations we have on our route and the different vending machines.  If you’re considering investing in your future, a plane ticket may be a drop in the bucket compared to what you may invest in your vending business as a whole. We're even willing to fly to you and provide some on-site training. Give us a call and ask us about those details.


101 Vending is your best source for vending resource consultation training reviews vending machines and the overall vending buisness.