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The three most important things your vending business requires to be successful are:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

This is paramount to your success in the vending business.

The best and most economic way to establish your route is to do it yourself.  If you’re like most people, they want to start a vending business because they work too many hours already and want to leverage their time.  Having said this, they don’t want to spend additional time finding locations on their own and choose to hire an outside source.  A qualified Professional Location Company is just one method you may choose to have your locations secured in an efficient manor. 

There are several different methods that can be used.  Depending on the type of vending business you’re growing, you may use any of the following methods:

  1. Bulk mailer
  2. Fax mailer
  3. Location Company (in person)
  4. Location Company (via phone sales)
  5. Hire (subcontract) local individual (friends etc.)
  6. Do it yourself (we provide counsel and marketing materials)

Whatever method you choose, 101 Vending is here to walk you through the process step by step.

One important factor when establishing your vending business is the vending machine you are presenting to the location.  For example:  If you decided to start a bulk candy vending business, you would want to make sure that you purchase a bulk vending machine that impresses your potential client.  If you call on a good location that already has machines, you may want to show them something with multiple selections like the 8-Spin Titanic.  This bulk candy and gumball vending machine offers 8 selections while only being 10 inches wide.  If you were to call on the busiest locations in town that already have machines, you’ll find getting in the door of locations to be very effective with this vending machine.  Remember, the most important opinion is the one of your customer.

When using a Professional Location Company, make sure you find a company that isn’t promising you some “too good to be true” story.  If they claim they guarantee some great revenue in each location or they’ll “replace it for free”, ask them first how many times and for how long they’ll replace that one location for free.  Also, if they say they’ll do it for free, they’re either charging too high a price to begin with or they’re not going to come back out and do it for free.  Understand that the actual locator that does the job retains half of the locating fees.  He or she is independent and locating companies contract the work out to the locator.  They will not come out for free.  The more reasonable guarantees are the ones that say they’ll replace the location for half price.  Look for lifetime warranties.  They can do this because 100% of the funds go to the actual locator so he or she is working for the same amount as they were when the secured the original locations.

What is the best type of vending program out there? That's a good question. To help answer this question, be sure and read our Consultation page.

Please feel free to call us for further counsel.  We want to help you get started and grow a very profitable and efficient vending business.

101 Vending not only offers the best vending machines in the industry, we also operate our own vending route as well.  The counsel we provide is sound and is based on our experience as well as the hundreds of others we’ve helped grow their own vending business.