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Double Bubble Bulk Candy Gumball Machine

double bubble
9. 5"globe • 9.75"base
Holds up to 15lbs of product

The Chrome Bubble Gum Machine

Meets All 4 Requirements

  • Vends Gourmet Gumballs Toys.SuperBalls.Bulk Candy . MM's ...
  • Huge Capacity
  • Pick up as much as $200 per head
  • Steel Reinforced non-scratchable plastic body
  • Steel Coin Mech
  • Lifetime Warranty–Call For $$$

The ability to secure top notch vending machine locations is the most important issue. Offering gourmet gumballs in a nostalgic merchandiser like this chrome classic lands us great locations.

The vending machine must have a great capacity. The dubble bubble will hold up to $400 worth of product. That's picking up Big Bucks!

The vending machine needs to draw attention to itself, especially if there is competition. With it's unique design, chrome accents and colorful display of products, you'll whip the competition.

Most of the money must go in my pocket. The biggest expense is product cost. Avergae cost of a gumball is 3 cents...Wow! Compare this to bulk candy in general 7 cents. With gumballs, there's plenty of room to share part of the profits with your favorite charity or even the location.

75% of my gourmet gumball customers are adults
chrome classic double bubble


chrome classic gumball vending machine

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